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The “Building a Heart, Celebrating the Golden Autumn” group building event was a complete success!

In the morning light, all the employees of the company drove to Zhuji on the weekend of September. They first arrived at Yangtangling Mountain Villa. When they saw the beautiful scenery overlooking the entire five venting areas, everyone suddenly forgot the exhaustion.


In the "heart-to-back" ball, "five hairs and one piece" and "guess the number" game, the four groups work together to fully demonstrate the team spirit. The whole mountain village is full of joyful atmosphere, and laughter and cheers resound through the valley. At noon, we tasted the wild food in the mountain village. The unique local cuisine made the staff a big one, and the aftertaste was endless.


In the afternoon, we drove to the scenic spot--Wuliu National Forest Park. The five vents in the late summer have a different flavor, the blue waters of the five lagoons, the peach blossoms of the four seasons, the waters and the five waterfalls of the Dongyuan and the waterfalls. The elegant and deep Xiyuan Canyon, etc., left a deep memory for everyone. At the same time as the group building activities, everyone also picked up mobile phones and cameras from time to time, leaving beautiful images and preparing works for participating in the company's annual photography competition.


The whole event ended in everyone's laughter and laughter. This event not only promotes cross-departmental communication, but also enables departments to work more efficiently at work, and also allows employees to work together, work together, fight for strength, strong team awareness and organizational honor. Feeling in everyone's heart.

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