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“Let’s go hand in hand to win-win” ——The 2017 Hangzhou Langji Instrument Dealer Conference was held

 On January 6, 2018, the Hangzhou Langji Dealer Conference entitled “Let's Go Forward and Win-Win Together” was held in Hangzhou. Partners from 20 regions across the country gathered to open a new chapter of cooperation and win-win. The theme of the dealer conference is “Make the way forward and work together for a win-win situation”. This is the best interpretation of Hangzhou Langji Instrument and the dealers around the world to build a win-win situation.

The morning meeting began with the welcome speech of General Manager Zhang Jialin. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the distribution agents from all over the country and shared the growth process of Hangzhou Langji Instrument, focusing on the incentives of the new policy for the industry. Support and other content. In the end, he made a vision for the future development: let ‘Hangzhou’s Langji’ accomplishment ‘the world’s language’.

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Then, Ms. Wang Linmin, Sales Director, made a report on the 2017 Work Summary and 2018 Work Plan, and proposed her own countermeasures and ideas on the changes in the domestic market, customers, competitors, technology, and policies in 2017. She mentioned in the report that change means challenge and difficulty gives birth to opportunities!

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At the symposium in the afternoon, the guests showed unprecedented enthusiasm. In the face of the new high-quality products launched by Hangzhou Langji in 2018, we believe that the cooperation with the first-line domestic PCR instrument brand such as Langji is not only guaranteed in terms of quality and competitiveness, but also professionally supported by technology and after-sales. It is a strong strength that other brands cannot match. At the same time, everyone also shared the success and joy of 2017, and also frankly talked about the difficulties and setbacks encountered.

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At the highlights, a large number of outstanding teams stood out. One of the winners mentioned in the award speech. Ten years ago, he discovered that Langji had first-class awareness of product quality and service. Langji was the cooperation he was looking for. partner. "Boutique PCR instrument, just choose Langji" is the representative of the local dealers on the evaluation of Hangzhou Langji, and is also a high trust in the strength of Hangzhou Langji.

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The 2017 dealer conference has been a complete success and a new journey has begun. Looking back at 2017, we are full of pride and responsibility. Looking forward to 2018, we are full of enthusiasm and passion. Every Langji and Langji partner is working hard for the good vision of Lange!

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