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"Golden Autumn, you and me" the group building activities were successfully completed!

Get up early and meet the Chaoyang. All the staff will take the West Lake as the center on a weekend in November. In the early morning, the West Lake is quiet and clear, and the autumn sun is warm and warm in the Baoshan Mountain and Beishan Road.

Picture 7

Breathe in the fresh air and set off!

Picture 8

On the white embankment, the tourists have not arrived yet, we can jump and enjoy the heights of the tower.

Picture 9

You can also play cool on the road.

Picture 10

Are you all thinkers?

From Baidi to Sudi, it is a different view.

Picture 11

The lawn is full of golden leaves, as if whispering, telling the story of the four seasons of the West Lake.

Picture 12

More than half of the trip, the tourists have gradually increased, the boat in the West Lake, the happy laughter of the visitors, it seems to be a picture of the event, beautiful.

Picture 13

Picture 14

Many of the employees have not walked through this route of merit, taking a step by step and harvesting the health and positive energy brought by the movement in the beauty. The 9-kilometer trip is filled with laughter and laughter. For employees who don't exercise very much, this distance is a bit long, but everyone cheers and strives to move forward together. After more than three hours, everyone arrived at the Yihang destination, Nanshan Road Park. Although a little sweat, although the legs are a bit sour, but from the happy face of everyone, we have seen the fruit of persistence, because every Langji people have the same genes - perseverance, self-confidence.

Picture 15

The joy and health brought by the sport, the passion and warmth that the team brings to everyone is what most Langji people want to have, and is the English name of the Langji.

The true meaning of LongGene - let life extend!

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